Desired start date: May/June 2019

Expected end date: Mid-December 2019


Are you an artist looking for a fun, new adventure? BRON Animation Inc. is seeking a Senior Lighter (with feature film experience) to join our group as we gear up for the production of our second feature film, The Willoughbys!


  • Establish lighting mood and compositing for each assigned sequence (Master/keyshot). Ensure that assigned shots fit in the continuity of a sequence and fill the vision of the Directors, Art Director, VFX Supervisor and Lighting Lead while meeting the production schedule. Communicate with supervisors proactively to identify problems, address comments, and seek additional creative direction as needed.
  • Handle a sequence on your own with a small crew dedicated. Be in charge of doing the Master and Keyshot for the sequence. Will help the crew to propagate the child shot based on your Keyshot and support them up to the final approval. Submit work for review to the lighting lead on time. Address comments that come up during reviews. Clarify feedback when unclear.
  • Polish the lighting on the raw render and then composite together characters and environment renders into the final shot before doing a technical check of the shot. Also integrate variety of sources from motion graphics to CG FX into the lit shot.
  • Work with the resources and support provided. Ensure the quality of the final frames is consistent. Lighting setups are clean, documented and easy to understand. Do a kick off to another lighter when necessary.
  • Update Lighting Lead on the progress of the sequence. Show previous version of the work and clearly represent what the set of comments were.
  • Ensure continuity problems in shots within the sequence are addressed.
  • Troubleshoot and debug shot problems as they arise. Know when a problem needs to be handed off by a kickback to another department a TD or R&D.
  • Optimize shots for rendering. Manage image files and associated disk space in an economical manner.
  • Collaborate and communicate creative, technical and/or interdepartmental issues (such as LookDev, Techanim, Effects) appropriately.
  • Facilitate look development by working with surfacing to help define material settings and/or shading parameters.
  • Perform lighting development setup as required.
  • Timely consistent availability for rounds, dailies, meeting. Attend meetings on time.
  • Stay up to date on new tools and techniques. Test new lighting software and tools.
  • Provide constructive feedback on tools and procedures.
  • May be asked to help train new staff or help the crew for floor support.
  • Be flexible and ready to re-prioritize with the lighting lead task priority.
  • Use downtime for departmental improvements such as documentation, think about the workflow, look at the provided classes.
  • Provide accurate estimates of time required to complete tasks.


  • 5 + years lighting experience in a production environment.
  • Strong artistic sense for colours, light and composition.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Experience in lighting for animated features films will be favourably regarded.
  • Shading knowledge will be favourably regarded.
  • Production experience in Katana and Nuke or similar software.
  • Production experience with PrMan, Arnold or other industry standard renderers.
  • Python scripting knowledge as bonus.
  • The ability to work to deadlines.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, good team spirit.
  • The ability to multi-task, prioritize and problem solve.

About BRON Studios Inc.

We’re an Indie Family

Founded by husband and wife team, Aaron Gilbert and Brenda Gilbert, BRON Animation is a tight-knit, indie studio which produces top-notch creative content with a unique tone and style you can’t find anywhere else. We are led by a team of highly-talented minds with decades of experience. From script, straight through to the final product, we do it all ourselves – every step of the way!

We’re All Shapes and Sizes

Our talented crew members hold broad skill sets that enable them to jump in and help in different roles/capacities when needed.  You’re not a cog in the machine here.  You’re an artist with a unique skillset that will be utilized to its full potential.

We provide a casual work environment with an emphasis on teamwork. We host many events and offer opportunities for our teams to bond, socialize and develop their talents (whether it be at drawing or ping pong!)

We Want to Be Exceptional

We want our projects to stand out in the market and showcase our unique style, and we can’t do that without the help of talented, motivated, and dedicated artists that thrive off collaboration and involvement.