Are you an experienced 3D Artist with a keen interest and proven skills in creating and animating vehicles (helicopters, planes, UFOs, BG cars, jeeps, etc.)?  Those things aren’t going to fly and drive themselves!

We’re also interested in talking to 3D and Compositing Artists with experience with extraterrestrial/otherworldly shots – we’re in the real world, in the 1950’s, but at the same time strange things are happening in the skies.  There’s a particular look and design requirement for each episode – not fantasy, but not quite real.

“Project Blue Book” is a 10 episode series with visual effects starting now, through late July.    Currently located in Burnaby, relocating soon to Vancouver, to be confirmed.   We work directly for the production company; in-house team.  Various start and end dates available; short term or freelance as well.

No LMIAs for this project.  Open Permits and NAFTA permits OK, and must be BC Resident.

Please submit a resume and reel to Gillian Pearson, pearson.vfx@gmail.com