Barnstorm VFX is seeking a Vancouver-based Comp Supervisor to join our team.

Job Requirements:

Experience leading a team of compositors, providing strong creative and technical direction, and supervising shots.
Exemplary communication, organization, and project management skills.
Ability to efficiently collaborate with VFX Supervisor, VFX Producers, Coordinators, and Client.
Experience working with a producer to bid shots. Able to design workflows and estimate artist time and tasks from script, concept and/or video references.
Must excel in the following software: Nuke/NukeX, Mocha Pro, Photoshop, 3D, and additional software packages are a plus.
Strong artistic aptitude for shot composition, design, element creation, and/or look development for sequences, as well as the ability to create templates for other artists to use.
Strong grasp of 2D and 3D compositing workflows in Nuke, as well as EXRs and multi-pass compositing.
Exceptional compositing skills, including superior knowledge of keying techniques and advanced photographic knowledge of lenses, distortion, and practical shooting, as well as the simulation of these elements in CGI.
Highly articulate and able to provide clear and constructive feedback when reviewing shots, maintaining quality and consistency in large sequences being worked on by multiple artists.
Extremely creative when needing to find solutions to client notes and production challenges.
Strong ability to stay calm and positive in high pressure environments.
Experience with Shotgun management software a plus.


Vancouver, BC

Must be BC resident and not require a work permit.

Salary and Benefits are commensurate with skills.

About Barnstorm VFX Vancouver

Barnstorm is an Emmy-nominated boutique visual effects studio located in Burbank, CA and Vancouver, BC, providing photo-realistic visual effects for a variety of television and online streaming projects. We pride ourselves in our artists’ talent and dedication to producing world-class visual effects.