Your grandmother lives in Calgary. When did you last visit?

I know – you just haven’t got time. The round trip alone is a 20-hour drive and you like to spend your precious vacation days on the beach. Sorry Grandma.

But what if your job gave you 21 days paid vacation?

You could take an extended trip to Cowtown and even catch the Stampede.


Why should I read this ad?

You want a greater work/life balance and more vacation time.

You’re an experienced senior artist sick of living in meetings and firefighting.

You want to get back to art; producing captivating images across a breadth of project styles and industries rather than churning out the same old same old.

You’re also ready to take the step up to leading and inspiring a small but focused team.


OK – What’s the job?

As the Lead Concept Artist at Atomhawk Vancouver you will be the driver of creative excellence in the studio across all projects and art teams. Your innovative approach and the ability to adapt to a range of styles will see you producing polished work in a diverse range of projects in movies, games and more. Warner Bros. Microsoft, Sony and Lego will be your clients. You will be supported in your journey into leadership and will go on to mentor the art team and play a key role in building the team as the studio grows.


Why Atomhawk?

Atomhawk take the wellbeing of our staff very seriously. As well as 21 days paid vacation, you won’t do any unpaid overtime – we have a strict ‘no crunch’ policy. You will have the opportunity to develop your skills with ongoing professional training, peer learning and the chance to attend industry events. Like us, you will value confidence without arrogance and will lead by example. You’ll enjoy regular team socials, life drawing classes and just hanging out on the studio balcony in downtown Vancouver.


Hmm it does sound interesting….

Great – call me for a chat (I’m the Recruiter, Rebecca Askham) on +44(0)7810 354116 or email me at becca.askham@atomhawk.com. I’ve got a full job description if you’d like to see it too.

About Atomhawk

Atomhawk is a world leading art and design studio. Our key goal is to provide world class design and digital art production services to leading clients across games, film and digital media.

To date we have worked on movies such as Thor II, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers II, games including the Mortal Kombat series, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Killzone, Project Spark and Dead Island, plus extensive work on the Harry Potter franchise with Pottermore and Sony’s Book of Spells and Book of Potions.

The Atomhawk team are the driving force behind our desire to inspire and delight through exceptional art and design. We’re immensely proud of our diverse flock drawn together from across the globe and we combine their unique talents to work together, creating epic solutions for our clients.

We have offices in the UK and Canada, working with clients from across the world in the games and entertainment sectors.