The ideal candidate is a passionate and experienced VFX artist, eager to play a pivotal role in defining the visual quality of our IPs for years to come. The position requires a self directed candidate looking to contribute to visual design, asset management, and technical VFX implementation. Candidates must have experience creating high quality VFX, skills in critical thinking and analysis, and an avid interest in pushing the cutting edge of VR game development.


  • Minimum 3-4 years experience as a VFX Artist at a games, VFX, or feature animation studio.
  • Advanced knowledge of real-time particle systems, rigid body simulations, shaders, and materials.
  • Advanced knowledge of cloth, particle, and rigid body simulations in Maya and/or Houdini.
  • Maya proficiency with hard surface modeling and basic rigging techniques.
  • Photoshop proficiency creating and modifying textures.
  • Bonus: Experience shipping AAA console or mobile games with Unreal or Unity.
  • Bonus: Experience creating artist tools and establishing production pipelines.


  • Work with Lead Artists and the Art Director to establish and maintain VFX art direction.
  • Work with Team Leads across disciplines to enhance gameplay, environments, UI/UX, and memorable cinematic moments.
  • Create optimized VFX in a range of styles for use in game and in engine, from realistic VFX utilizing advanced 3D simulations to stylized VFX using traditional animation techniques.
  • Create and implement complex, in-engine materials and shaders.
  • Organization and maintenance of VFX assets, adhering to and improving the VFX pipeline.


About Archiact VR

Archiact is a full service virtual reality studio headquartered in downtown Vancouver. Our team has lead the way in the VR space for over 3 years. Archiact’s main service offerings include VR game development, publishing, and virtual reality business solutions. As the largest dedicated VR studio in the world we are committed to bringing on top industry talent to join our team.

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